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Welcome to The Pickleball Calendar (tm)

This calendar exists to help players to easily find unsanctioned pickleball tournaments. We think these more casual tournaments are important for several reasons:

  • Some tournaments are becoming cost prohibitive for some players.

  • There is more sandbagging ("legally" playing down in skill level) in sanctioned tournaments to receive medals and Golden Tickets to more prestigious tournaments.

  • In many unsanctioned tournaments, however, you'll find more participants playing at their skill level or playing up in skill level.

  • Often smaller pickleball tournaments are a great first step for players who are new to tournaments.

  • Unsanctioned pickleball tournaments can also be helpful for unrated players who truly don't know their skill level.

Also, it costs more than ever for Tournament Directors to list their sanctioned tournaments on popular pickleball tournament sites; this ultimately gets passed on to amateur players. And, some sites are also charging extra fees for each player per event on top of these increased fees.

So, we have created a solution for non-sanctioned pickleball tournaments such as:

  • Non-profit fundraising pickleball tournaments

  • Small, local pickleball tournaments

  • Round-robin or Queen/King of the Court pickleball tournaments


Subscribing to The Pickleball Calendar

  • Make sure you read the instructions carefully if you choose to subscribe to calendar settings. You can subscribe WITHOUT adding ALL events to your calendar.

  • If you press the Import button, you will add ALL events to your calendar, and this cannot be undone by anyone. So, do NOT, we repeat do NOT click the Import button for any reason.

Submitting Your Unsanctioned Pickleball Tournament

We have just begun to populate this page... We are currently working on how-to instructions for submitting your unsanctioned pickleball tournament to The Pickleball Calendar. Please come back and visit us soon!


  • It is important to note that this site does NOT (and will not) offer tournament management features.

  • This site is for purely for advertising and marketing purposes. You may insert a QR code graphic, an email address or a live link to your website (or the URL for your event on another tournament management/registration site).

  • This calendar is only for non-sanctioned pickleball tournaments with a cost of less than $75 USD (even if players sign up for three events).

  • We have another site/platform that will be released soon that has an event calendar for all other pickleball services, programs, events, trips, etc.