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Pickleball Q&A

Since we really, really dislike social media trolls and bots, we are hosting a Pickleball FAQ section on our site. You can voice record your burning question right here on this page!

Yes, you heard that right - you can now ask a question without fear of ridicule or bullying on social media!

Here's how to send us your pickleball (or pickleball lifestyle) question:

  • Press the "Start Recording" button

  • Immediately start speaking for up to 90 seconds

  • Press "Stop" when finished

  • To hear it before sending, press the "play" button (arrow).

  • You can press the "reset" button to erase and re-record.

  • When satisfied, enter your name and email before pressing the "Send" button.

Here are a few prompts:

  • How should I...?

  • What if...?

  • Is it a fault if...?

  • If I'm playing in a tournament and ....?

  • If a rec player does ...?

What to expect after sending us your question:

  • If we feel that many others have the same or similar question, we'll get to work on answering it on our site.

  • We ask for your name and email because we might just reply directly back to you with an answer... (And, again, we really don't like bots and posers.)

  • Please note that at this time we can't say if or when your answer will be published, however, we'll do our best to get it in the queue.

Thanks and remember - any day you can play pickleball is a great day!