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We are so excited to launch The Pickleball Broadcast!

Our Mission

Coming from an extensive background in international professional coaching, speaking and training, we are on a mission to support pickleball players in dismantling limiting beliefs and conquering courageous challenges while fully enjoying their journey.

Our Pickleball community includes players who:

  • reside in North America and abroad

  • plan to learn how to play pickleball soon

  • are new to the game or have been playing for years

  • are skilled from level 2.5-5.0

  • want to improve their pickleball game

  • are purely social and recreational pickleball players

  • are highly-competitive pickleball players

  • and all players in between

Our Content

We have articles, videos, games and pop-up livestreams to support you along your pickleball journey:

  • Hot Off the Press & In the News

  • Coaching Conversations

  • Daily Inspiration

  • Competitive Edge

  • Just for Fun

  • Pickleball 101

  • Pickleball Mistakes

  • Pickleball Q&A

  • Non-sanctioned Pickleball Tournaments

  • and Resources

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To your successful pickleball journey!
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