Resources: Pickleball Primers (e-Books and & Printed Workbooks)

Full color resources for the improving pickleball player. Greater awareness leads to quality actions and accountability.

Pickleball Primers by

The Pickleball Self-Assessment (tm)

Pickleball Primers Collection

Create proven lesson plans for your coaching sessions, clinics and bootcamps!  And, keep them all organized in one place. 

Here are some benefits of using The Pickleball Primers collection (benefits vary per product):

  • measure pickleball awareness, etiquette, knowledge and performance

  • support you in scheduling and tracking drill sessions

  • help you monitor your progress and improve your results

  • leverage your investment in professional pickleball coaching with reflection and action

  • organize details about your pickleball partners and opponents

  • contain useful checklists for pre-tournament preparation, tournament or league day tips and post-event analysis

Pickleball Primers

  • The Pickleball Lesson Log (tm)

  • The Pickleball Tournament Planner (tm)

  • The Pickleball Portfolio (tm)

  • The Women's Pickleball Planner (tm)

  • The Pickleball Game Log (tm)

  • The Pickleball Drilling Journal (tm)

  • The 100-point Pickleball Self-Assessment (tm)

  • The Pickleball Lesson Planner (tm)