Pickleball Business Partnership Strategies (T005)

Tip #005: What Happens When ...

successful pickleball business partnerships - tip #005

Pickleball Business Partnership Strategies

Tip #005: What Happens When...

I think we can all agree that a healthy business partnership is a win-win for all involved parties.

While you're still in the honeymoon stage, keep talking about some hypothetical tough topics so you can gain experience together with successful problem-solving, decision-making and conflict resolution when the stakes are low.

Here are some conversation starters:

  • How and when do you typically address (type of) problems?

  • What do you need me to do (or avoid) to maintain a healthy relationship?

  • How do you feel about creating crystal clear policies so we have an established framework to operate within?

  • Have you taken any personality or behavioral assessments? If so, what's your style or type?

  • What if our financial projections are seriously below our expectations?

  • When would you like to break-even on your initial investment into this business? What happens if this doesn't happen?

  • What if, heavens forbid, one of us (or a close family member) fell ill and a prolonged absence from the office occurred?

  • What if your family pressured you to hire a family member that I don't approve of? What if we hired a family member and later learned they aren't a good fit and/or caused a toxic workplace for other staff?

  • How will we handle compensation and owner draws?

Afterwards, you'll be able to discern if your partnership is a good fit as well as best practices for compromising and keeping the communication channels open with each other. Remember, you might have chosen your partner because they bring things to the table that you don't (and vice versa) so manage your expectations. You probably don't want to form a partnership with a yes person, a highly negative or critical person or someone who tends to argue for sport.

10-Minute Tips Series for Your Pickleball Business. Successful pickleball business partnerships, like other time-tested business partnerships, require trust, communication, collaboration and commitment. Launch or grow a thriving pickleball business that benefits you and also contributes to the growth and success of the pickleball industry as a whole.

By Jennifer Corbin, Your Pickleball Business Coach. Grow your business in the least amount of time, energy, money and stress with an expert business coach. Since 1994, have provided professional coaching, training and speaking services to thousands of professionals, small business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate employees, managers, leaders and C-suite executives. Also co-wrote three university-level textbooks on personal and corporate coaching by a well-known publisher. // After accumulating 3M road warrior air miles, enjoying semi-retirement and playing, discussing and thinking about all things pickleball. // USAP Ambassador | PPR Certified Coach

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