Pickleball Business Partnership Strategies (T001)

Tip #001: Have a Shared Vision, Mission and Purpose (VMP)

successful pickleball business partnerships - tip #001

Pickleball Business Partnership Strategies

Tip #001: Have a Shared Vision, Mission and Purpose (VMP)

Whether you're looking to bring a partner into your pickleball business or you're interested in delegating business tasks to others, it's important to first create a clear VMP outline. The journey will be smoother if everyone can see and understand the big picture, if all parties are willing to travel on the same path to the stated destination, and if you share values and motivations that will support the vision along the way (especially if times get tough).

  • Vision = Your What. The vision is often the easiest part of the MVP statement as this is what brings partners and supporters together in the first place. Your vision statement describes what you want to achieve or what you believe is possible.
    ~ We imagine a future where __________.

  • Mission = Your How. Your mission describes how you will achieve your intended outcomes or results. This can be very detailed and include numbers, stats and dates.
    ~ We will achieve our vision by __________.

  • Purpose - Your Why. Your purpose statement describes what's meaningful about achieving this vision. Purpose statements tend to include individual or organizational values.
    ~ This is meaningful to us because __________.
    ~ This is meaningful to me because __________.

10-Minute Tips Series for Your Pickleball Business. Successful pickleball business partnerships, like other time-tested business partnerships, require trust, communication, collaboration and commitment. Launch or grow a thriving pickleball business that benefits you and also contributes to the growth and success of the pickleball industry as a whole.

By Jennifer Corbin, Your Pickleball Business Coach. Grow your business in the least amount of time, energy, money and stress with an expert business coach. Since 1994, have provided professional coaching, training and speaking services to thousands of professionals, small business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate employees, managers, leaders and C-suite executives. Also co-wrote three university-level textbooks on personal and corporate coaching by a well-known publisher. // After accumulating 3M road warrior air miles, enjoying semi-retirement and playing, discussing and thinking about all things pickleball. // USAP Ambassador | PPR Certified Coach

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