Pickleball Business Partnership Strategies (T004)

Tip #004: Prioritizing Regular Partnership Meetings

successful pickleball business partnerships - tip #004

Pickleball Business Partnership Strategies

Tip #004: Prioritizing Regular Partnership Meetings

Discover the power of regular meetings with your pickleball business partner. Regular meetings are essential for business partners to maximize their potential and achieve success. Additionally, you'll be able to operate from a place of proactivity versus reactivity.

By scheduling and prioritizing consistent in-person and virtual meetings, partners can:

  • maintain or enhance communication

  • foster respectful and innovative collaboration

  • stay aligned with their VMP and goals

But, unintended outcomes could occur if you fail to make these meetings a priority above all of the other competing priorities that will certainly arise. If you can commit to meeting at least once per week on the same day and same time, it will be easier to protect at all costs. And, you'll want to agree on a format that will serve you well both when things are going great and when you're both under tremendous pressure. Finally, you'll want a (shorter) meeting length that won't be difficult to schedule around either; you can always agree to extend the time of a certain meeting or schedule an additional meeting later in the week.

With great intentionality, these meetings can provide a platform to discuss challenges, share ideas and make informed decisions together. With each meeting, each partner may deepen their understanding of each other's perspectives, strengthen their working relationship and ultimately drive their business forward.

Don't underestimate the impact of regular meetings - they are the key to unlocking the full potential of business partnerships.

10-Minute Tips Series for Your Pickleball Business. Successful pickleball business partnerships, like other time-tested business partnerships, require trust, communication, collaboration and commitment. Launch or grow a thriving pickleball business that benefits you and also contributes to the growth and success of the pickleball industry as a whole.

By Jennifer Corbin, Your Pickleball Business Coach. Grow your business in the least amount of time, energy, money and stress with an expert business coach. Since 1994, have provided professional coaching, training and speaking services to thousands of professionals, small business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate employees, managers, leaders and C-suite executives. Also co-wrote three university-level textbooks on personal and corporate coaching by a well-known publisher. // After accumulating 3M road warrior air miles, enjoying semi-retirement and playing, discussing and thinking about all things pickleball. // USAP Ambassador | PPR Certified Coach

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