FAQ: Why can't I stay in the middle of the pickleball court?

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Q: Why can't I stay in the middle of the pickleball court?

A: Pickleball is a game that is played and usually won when you and your partner are "at the net." The further back you stand from the non-volley zone line, the more angles you advertently open up. This gives your opponents more real estate to work with (making it much easier for them to win the point) and it gives your team more real estate to defend.

It's important to remember that the middle of the court is referred to as the transition zone. After serving or retrieving a lob, your focus is moving up to the net, even if it takes several controlled shots to get there safely.

When you're both at the net, and moving laterally as a team (as necessary), you'll be forming a barrier which will make the other team's job a bit more difficult.

In pickleball, we're always in ready position; we're not playing "red light-green light"

But, there's often an exception, isn't there?

If your opponents are excessively lobbing, you might want to stand a couple of feet from the non-volley zone line so that you are in a better position to come forward to return a dink or run forward to the back of the court before turning to face the net as you get ready to return the lob. This strategy is dependent on how excessively your opponents are lobbing, your team's mobility and communication between you and your partner.