FAQ: What's the difference between a volley and a rally?

Pickleball players inquiring minds want to know...about volleys and rallies

volley versus rally - The Pickleball Broadcast

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Q: What's the difference between a pickleball volley and a rally?

A. Hitting a volley in pickleball means taking the ball in the air before it has a chance to bounce; this often happens at the non-volley zone when the ball is high. A rally in pickleball refers to all the shots after the serve and before the fault occurs; a rally could consist of 3 to 30+ shots including several volleys.

Beginner pickleball players should know the difference between these two terms.

  • When people say, "nice point" or "good rally," they are talking about the same thing.

  • It helps newer players to remember you can't volley (take the ball in the air) if you step into the non-volley zone. Both feet must be established outside of the non-volley zone AND behind the non-volley zone LINE when hitting balls that don't bounce. You can, however, step into the non-volley zone or onto the non-volley zone LINE to dink or lob the ball.