FAQ: Are the serving yips a real thing in pickleball?

Pickleball players inquiring minds want to know...about the yips

pickleball serving yips - The Pickleball Broadcast

Photo by Ruvim Noga / Unsplash

Q: Are the serving yips a real thing in pickleball?

A. Yes, pickleball players do get the serving yips.  

This condition can come on quickly and may last for a day or months.   

When pickleball players experience this, some don’t appreciate attention being brought to the fact that it’s happening.  So, think twice about offering unsolicited helpful advice (that they probably already considered such as telling them to relax, recommending that they schedule serving practice sessions or showing them how you think they should serve).

Sometimes, a player can't land any of their serves and sometimes they struggle with a particular type of serve. For instance, I know someone who had a great lob serve, but it suddenly disappeared a year ago...

In our opinion, this is another good reason to develop a variety of serves including the newer Drop Serve.

How do pickleball players handle the yips?

The yips seem to be a mental block; relaxation techniques, breathing practices and serving rituals can be beneficial. But some people find success with serving with their non-dominant arm or purchasing a new paddle.

This issue may indeed require trial and error before finding the right solution for them.