Pack Your Paddle! Learn which Cruise Lines and Ships now Offer Pickleball at Sea

Play Pickleball on Your Next Vacation Cruise

Playing Pickleball at Sea - Cruises Now Offer Pickleball, Cruise ship

Learn which Cruise Lines and Ships now Offer Pickleball at Sea

You don't have to compromise any more! You can go on the family cruise AND you can feed your pickleball addiction at the same time!

We are so happy that pickleball can now be played on board during more and more cruises! Playing pickleball early in your cruise is a terrific way to meet other like-minded cruisers and form instant connections that will benefit you for the remainder of your vacation.

Keep in mind though that you will likely play a modified form of pickleball.

You'll likely play on a multi-use court so you'll need to deal with many colored lines. And, young people may be hovering and ready to take over the courts the minute the pickleball slot is finished. (Can't blame them, there's not a lot for pre-teens and teenagers to do at sea!)

If you can, pack your own paddles as well as 1-3 additional paddles for others to use. The paddles that the cruise ship provides may not be up to par; we have seen paddles with holes being used on board.. Might as well pack your favorite (marked) balls, too, while you're packing.

I played pickleball on a 7-day cruise to the Caribbean. I liked playing with family living in another state, and I liked meeting other seasoned players. However, overall, it was disappointing... There were so many newcomers wanting to learn how to play pickleball on vacation. Waited a long time to play very short games.

Also, you might want to freshen up on how rally scoring works because with the supply and demand for on-board pickleball, they'll likely shorten games and use rally scoring.

Finally, you're on a ship... There's going to be wind (they do have high nets so balls don't drift out to sea) and the ship is going to move as you play.

So, book your next cruise and enjoy playing pickleball as your schedule allows. Just think twice about booking a cruise for pickleball...

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