Selkirk Labs Releases Long-Awaited Pickleball Net

...But this premium pickleball net might not fit your budget

In the News at The Pickleball Broadcast

Some pickleball players experienced excitement to learn that Selkirk Labs recently released a new semi-permanent pickleball net. But that excitement quickly turned into dismay when they clicked to learn the price, which was a whopping $4,444 USD.

Some expressed the sentiment that they could purchase other semi-permanent nets for approximately half the cost AND also purchase lights or other wanted features for their courts.

Selkirk carbon fiber net

However, we know Selkirk stands behind their American-made products. This new lightweight performance net is made of carbon - and pickleball players do like carbon paddles - and takes approximately 30 minutes to assemble.

If you purchase the new Selkirk pickleball net, please do let us know what you think about it!