Indoor Pickleball is Coming to Portland!

The People’s Courts facility is scheduled to open during the summer of 2023

The People’s Pickleball Courts coming to Portland, OR

Pickleball IS sweeping the nation...and we dare say the world!

A new pickleball venue is opening in Portland, Oregon during the summer of 2023. From what we can see, it looks spacious, colorful and well-lit.

It also looks like the engineers came up with a creative solution to get more pickleball courts in side-by-side but also make it feasible to play pickleball using advanced shots such as Around-the-Posts (ATP's), Ernes and Burts.

If you're able to play at The People's Courts in Portland and would classify it was a good place to play, please let us know. And, you can also send us a video so we can see how advanced shots work at this facility.