FAQ: I'm new to pickleball. Should I hire a coach?

Pickleball players inquiring minds want to know...

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Photo by Prateek Katyal / Unsplash

Q: I'm new to pickleball. Should I hire a coach?

A. Most people don't hire coaches when they first start playing pickleball. However, it is a personal decision.

If you know there is a big enough gap between where you are and where you intend on going in pickleball, it might make sense to hire a pickleball coach. If you aren't athletic or have never played a paddle sport, you may wish to do so to learn about different shots, footwork and strategy.

Many players are content to keep learning from helpful players that can be found on nearly every court. There is no shortage of people willing to help new pickleball players.

HOWEVER, you may "get what you pay for" meaning that you might just receive a lot of conflicting, outdated or plain wrong advice.

So, ultimately it will be up to you to discern what's best for you.