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If you can envision it, it can happen (PIV-001)

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A Little Pickleball Inspiration

Check out this inspirational video about visioning. Good things start with mindset.

Everyone will have opinions, whether they're good, bad or indifferent... And, they'll have them whether they're in alignment with yours, or not.

I don't know about you, but I've learned to ignore other people's opinion of me to prevent external influences from influencing my sense of who I am and what I can achieve. There will ALWAYS be factors to test your commitment to your vision, weather those factors are people, the environment, resources, timing, etc.

Take my very first pickleball coach for example. When I first started, he basically said I was hopeless and would never get better... (Not directly to my face, but word gets around... I later confronted him about this and he admitted it.)

She will NEVER improve.

This did not derail me, not even for a second. (In fact, it likely gave me more fuel on my long journey - hee hee) I knew sooner or later, I'd get there if I put in the time and effort. Just last week, I received my second invitation to join a Women's 4.0 Doubles League Team for next season as well as an invite to join a Mixed Doubles 4.0 Team... So, I guess that this seasoned tennis pro turned pickleball pro made a mistake :-)

At the end of the day, it is about having courage to see it and speak it in order for it to happen.

Consider these Questions:

  • What's your next goal?

  • Who can help you achieve it?

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