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About The Pickleball Broadcast

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Welcome to The Pickleball Broadcast(tm).

We love everything about Pickleball.

But we don't want to always be on social media to stay connected to pickleball... that is, when we're off the court. So, we've created this site to explore pickleball news, more importantly, address the personal side of pickleball.

Some of our content includes:

  • Hot Off the Press & In the News

  • Competitive Edge

  • Coaching Conversations (pickleball coaching / pickleball life coaching / pickleball lifestyle coaching)

  • Daily Inspiration (pickleball mindset matters)

  • Pickleball 101

  • Pickleball Mistakes

  • Pickleball Q&A

  • Free Resources

Here, you can consume delicious bite-sized pickleball nuggets at your leisure.

You're no longer at the mercy of the current social media algorithm, that seems to change each day. Nor will you need to endlessly scroll past so many irrelevant posts to find what you're looking for. Now you can visit each day to see what's new, you can use the search feature for previous articles and goodies, or you can click on a category heading to see posts about that particular subject.

What's Different About Us

The Founder has over two decades of experience as CEO of one of the oldest, largest professional coach training organizations in the world. After literally writing the book (actually three university-level coaching textbooks still in print) on performance coaching (for life, career, business and corporate coaches), our content extends beyond skills and strategies on the court.

Pickleball Q&A

Since we really, really dislike social media trolls and bots, we are hosting a Pickleball FAQ section on our site. At the bottom of the home page, you will see a link for "submit question."

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To your continued success,
The Team at The Pickleball Broadcast